Monday, April 07, 2008

Back from NYC

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Yesterday was flight back from New York. It arrived about 10am UK time into a snowy LHR. We were stacked up for a while whilst the weather did its thing.
This trip has been a vary metaverse full one. Whilst only 7 days it seems like a few months (in a good way as so much has happened)
I think it is also, as evident in this picture, that the US bombards your senses with information, all the information is usually also augmented with stacks of text and warning signs.
So this trip.
1. Hawthorne - A day of meeting the IBM metarati from across many divisions, a real coming together of all the streams with such a stack of common insight not infighting.
2. Somers - CIO IQ team gathering. All the Innovate quick team in a room in Somers, again common understanding and purpose
3. NYC - Another cross IBM gathering (video in the next post) where we took to the streets of New York in a kind of virtual world treasure hunt time travel gig.
4. Virtual Worlds 2008 - 2 very busy days of conference. A massive trade floor to cover, conversations to be had, metarati to gather plus 2 evenings of party. The first at the electric sheep company offices (many thanks to them all) and then in the lower east side Lit bar (thanks Jerry and Annie) for a mateverse meetup.
5. A day dashing around new york city with Ids and Roo chatting and snapping pictures and eating food before heading to the airport.
I have not (except on the overnight plane) had much time to reflect but I know there are some new ideas forming in my head, and yet another perspective on where this all needs to go now.
I am even more convinced the industry is here to stay now.

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