Monday, January 10, 2011

The Dakar Rally - and ambitions

This time of year is always a time for some excellent footage from the world famous rally raid the Dakar. Long since moved from anywhere near Dakar it now takes place in South America. I am in complete awe of the scenery, the ability of people and their vehicles to deal with the terrain and the adventure.
There has been a lot more web coverage this year, it used to just be Eurosport on TV. Here is an example.

The distances covered and the remoteness is stunning. There are also some people doing the race totally solo, on motorbikes with no team back up, they carry what they need. Just as there are major sponsored teams with full support.
I have managed to achieve a lot of my wish list or ambitions as a kid. I really wanted to invent things and get patents, done, I wanted to get be in a newspaper or book, done, I wanted to do a TV programme like Tomorrows World, done/doing, I wanted to go to American theme parks... done, I wanted to race in the Dakar.... who knows :)