Monday, December 20, 2004

So the MRI scan was not too bad. It was 40 minutes of laying still. The noise and variation in noise is quite amazing. Of course there is no immediate result, I have to wait until 10/1 to see the specialist, or this tuesday if the radiographer thinks I did not smile enough.
Feeling not too bad, but I need to experiment with not taking the tablets again. Sitting typing this is making me feel very odd again though.
Had my new work laptop delivered, though not in too much of a mind to use it at the moment, still plenty of things to install and files to transer
Last of the chrimbo presents arrived from amazon this morning
Also had a viewing on the house to keep me occupied

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Sophie amazed at something
So christmas is coming up. And I have done all my chrimbo shopping. Mostly online as I am off work ill.
I seem to have a lopsided dizziness. I have had several doctor appointments, and have ended up on anti sickness tablets as its all a bit odd. I cant spend too much time either driving or at a computer.
So as its not gone away, and my face and head feel very odd I am off to see a specialist on the private insurance.

Halo2 and San Andreas rock, but cant play them much (as above). Lord of the rings 3rd age is ok as its turn based and dos nto require total focus. Still lets hope the doc does something to sort this out.

Other news, I found out how to send tea bags to Crete.