Saturday, June 09, 2007

I want one of these

On Jools Hollands show on the BBC last night Bjork was performing. A member of the band had a reacTable. I want one please !

Friday, June 08, 2007

My favourite history today

I love the line about the chipped green plate from an institution.

Web 2 is Web Do!

Increasigly I am ending up talking with people who say things like "how can I get involved in....." or "We should get our people doing ...." or "we need to initiate a project and plan to do ....."
You can replace the dots with blog, wiki, podcast, second life or anything that is about user created content and self organizing groups.
I usually have to be a bit gentle, but the answer is just get on and start doing it.
How do you find out about blogs, well.... blog. You do not have to start with a lofty goal, massive investment, huge targets. You do have to start by doing.
So web 2 is web do.
The democratizing nature of it though can be a threat to a control structure. The need to direct and tell people what to do still is part of most groups. However, even in that structure it means that the person at the "top" needs to do it as much as the person at the "bottom". Leading by example. A bit scary for some people, but thats the world :-)
"Web 2 is Web do. " my gift for the day.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A packed day

I nearly entitled this post "packing it in" but that may have cuase some confusion.
I am sure between us we will write some posts on but yesterday was insanely busy.
Roo got invited to a social media conference in London and I tagged along with him as we both needed to be in London that day anyway.
He did a superb job on stage, and rather embarrisingly name checked me duting his pitch. I was also busy contwitting or whatever twittering when at a conference needs to be called.
We also then rand an ad hoc session for about 40 people around metaverse, both Second Life and our internal IQ metaverse, the how, where, what etc.
Then it was off to see Mindcandy, the makers of perplexcity. Even though the ARG is on ice the cards are still going to be going. This ended up being a very wide conversation with a great bunch of people.
Finally the evening was spent at Tim Guests book launch at Rivers Run Red. Tim has written his book Second Live (check you local amazon for this).
This all seemed a little bit rock and roll. The fact we are in the book, as part of the corporate chapter, and eightbar made it even more interesting.
There was even some joking, or not, about some deal and some film rights. I have no idea if that was a wind up :-) It added to the memorable nature of the event.
Then back on the train, much discussion of history, future etc then I got back home to do baby Sam's midnight feed and then into bed.
So 6am to midnight yesterday was varied