Sunday, September 05, 2010

An event not to be missed - Cool Stuff Collective

Over on my biz blog at feeding edge I wrote about my day out at MTV studios in Camden filming studio pieces for a new CITV Kids TV show called The Cool Stuff Collective.
Its a gadget and games show aimed at 7-12 year olds (and the rest of us too of course who love gadgets and games!)
I get to come on the show and talk about emerging technology, things that are just there, or you may think there are science fiction but be surprised they are really real.
The Cool Stuff Collective airs on 5:00pm Monday 13th September on CITV Sky 621 Freeview 72 Virgin 734 Tiscali 307
Watch out for a cameo appearance on the show about 3d printing
Yes its the epredator potato SL print from 2006 by Fabjectory
This one has appeared on TV before, he got more air time than me on Newsnight, not he is on childrens TV.