Saturday, January 20, 2007

We are still waiting for baby linden

It has been a day of trying to distract ourselves. Sophie was off with her Nanny and Grandad today. That left Jan and I to go for a walk, though not a very long one.
Biggest alarm was Sophie falling out of bed, a big thump just now upstairs.
So it meant the rest of the day spent trying to wait.
Jan spent time on here favourite game of all time. Zuma. So yes I have to own up any achievements on the Z game are not mine on the 360.
I spent an ridiculous amount of time on Eve. I actually managed to get somewhere. A long way to go, but it is a great, not too stressful way to spend the time. It does not need a heads down focus all the time. Though I do think I need to spark up Rainbow Six:Vegas and do something a bit more focussed.

False alarms on the increase plus more Eve talk

We have had a few predlet false alarms. The egg is still being sat on though. The latest was 3/4 hours worth at 5am. Jan was not phased by it and did not bother to try and wake me up. However its progress. It will obviously have to happen eventually!
Many things in life are plannable, start dates, exams, meetings, weekends etc. Organic things like this though are just that in their timing.
I have been filling time with both lots of work around Second Life (obviously) at all times of the day and night and with Eve online.
Eve, and most MMO's and RPG's are great becuase you can spend a lot of time travelling and not really doing much. Tinkering, upgrading approach as mission/quest etc. This is great for relaxation though you can throw yourself into things.
The more I play Eve-online the more I am enhancing my set of anecdotes as to why Second Life worked when it did for me. Second Life has no levelling up. if you want to go and meet people it is purely social skills and time that you spend to get to know whats going on. Sure you spend a large amount of time attending things, or learning to build things but it dos not require you to have spent several weeks training skills to allow you to do a certain thing.
I need to write a proper piece on this with some more analysis of the quantifiable differences, but I have skills to train and a new ship to buy.
So come on baby Linden, save me from this addiction.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Status of the predlet at duedate+1

Still waiting. But signs are good.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mobile blogging

in preparation for the any day now event with the arrival of baby linden it seemed a good idea to moblog.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

three fifths

Well news on "baby Linden" due today/tomorrow is that he is 3/5 enaged. So he is on the way.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Eve does look good, help!

Ok, so I have only just completed the training missions, and scratched the surface, but Eve Online does look very nice.
Of course only having space and effectively nice background, not massive amounts of terrain to shift it does have a good chance to look great. Just as homeworld did way back.
Now, do I spend ages playing this again tonight? If so when do I get to watch sky one Battlestar Galactica in HD?
What about my 360? acheivement points to chase to catch up with a few people like Aidy
Last count I have 5090 and he has 5339. I had nearly caught him, damn that viva pinata he got the other day.

City of heroes a quick go?

Nothing like protecting a car park in the city.

Eve-online, Elite with people?

So it looks like eve online is going to get me in its grip. It is of course completely different to anything in SL. Whilst its social, the role play and level up aspects cant be ignored.
I blame Roo for this one who in turn blames Mark Wallace, whom we got know through Second Life so wheels within virtual wheels.
As someone who hits games mostly on the Xbox 360 now and in shortish bursts, occasionally dipping bakc into old ones, but chasing the latest fix it wil be interesting to see if the Upstairs PC nature of this can fit into the life with 2 kids when the baby arrives.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Once more with feeling

Well after a long while blogging over on I had forgotten to keep this blog going.
Lots has been happening the past year of so.
At work I have been recreated as epredator potato on We have seen a massive rise in popularity across the board, but we now have 1400 collegues and an emerging business unit all operating in the non game 3d MMO.
I will do a round up of some of the press links, as I have been very busy telling the world about what this new thing is all about, but that is for eightbar :-)
However here is something neat
Well its just a few minutes on the television with Paul Mason of newsnight.
Its available to watch here first it the article marked virtual death
The piece is aiming at delving deeper into who we are online.
There are actually more frames of my 3d print than of me, but thats not a bad thing.
So we get the real Hursley build and Yossarians virtual one on the telebox.
So from about 7mins 20 to 9mins 15 you get to see some other IBM virtual stars and lots of shots of the real fabjectory printed version of the virtual me.

Closer to home, and more importantly we are days or possibly hours away from a baby brother for Sophie. Baby Linden as he is nicknamed is due on wednesday so I am sure I will use this blog to let you all see him.
This is a shot from October 06 though.