Friday, March 18, 2005

March 14th back to work. Part time for a few weeks to get back into the swing of it and not wear myself out. Feeling not too bad, but the scar tissue inside still tightens up and causes the syptoms, and my eyes are gradually adjusting back to close up work. Doc says another 6 weeks before worth considering visiting the optician.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Now recovering at home. Well Monday saw a visit to the hospital, the consultant seemed happy with the 2 hour operation. There was a bit more in my head to remove that he originally thought, but he has got what he needed out of there. Starting to lose the jet lag caused by the general. My nose feels quite swollen inside but you would not know to look at me.
I hope it has fixed everything, if not it needed doing anyway.
Just 1 more week recovering and its back to the grindstone.

Monday, February 07, 2005

28th Feb is the date for my op
I have now seen the consultant again, and he has booked me in for 28/2 a general anaesthetic and overnight in hospital with 2 weeks recovery.
It seems a long way off, but atleast its the home straight.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Some things are now in place.
18/1/05 is the CT scan.
31/1/05 is the follow up with the ENT specialist.
At that point the decision on surgery and I guess dates and timings etc can be made.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Christmas was fun, lots of food and enjoyment, thouh with the thought of the 10/1 specialist appointment and a flaring up of the dizzyness and head pressure there was a bit of a cloud over the whole thing.
Anwyay, 10/1 came and the doc gave us the good news that the MRI did not show anything really serious, and I do have a brain after all.
However, he has now asked for a CT scan, as it looks like I have a cyst in my sinus cavity that is causing all the bother. The CT scan lets him see the detail that the MRI is not designed to show. Then it looks like the plan is to go in and drain and cut away as needed. Its a delicate op but it by no means as bad as I thought. So in my mind its good news, though I still have all the same symptoms and cant drive, play xbox, use VDU's for very long, read, run around alot etc......
But it feels like this is the home stretch and a few weeks down teh line I will have a reset button pressed in my head and away we go.
In the picture below from the MRI you can see the sinus cavities, my right is on the left if that makes sense. The bad side top left (my right side) is filled with white, the 'good side' (top right) is an empty cavity filled with black, as it should be.

Anyway, just waiting on the a CT appointment, then 1 week later a return to the specialist, then I guess a date is set for the op if it proves to be what is needed