Friday, December 18, 2009

Predlet mashup of RATM In the Name Of - Noddy Styleee

I tweeted the other day that Predlet 2.0 thinks that In the Name Of is actually In the Name of Plod (from Noddy). As soon as here hears it on the radio he launches into to as you can see.

There is still time to donate and buy Rage Against the Machine 4 Xmas

Everyone even the man himself has seen sense.
(The lyrics get a bit wild for sensitive ears later on, but music is supposed to challenge)

The band are giving the proceeds to charity as well as the donations people are giving to shelter as well as downloading the single.
Not long to go. Go on you know you want too.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Let's rock - Support Rage Against the Machine for Xmas

Let's rock, originally uploaded by epredator.

It's time to get good music back, a social movement up against the PR machine fits for where we all are today. The predlets are up for that (though need the radio edit!)
Yes ok so the Xfactor lot are on the same label as Rage Against the Machine but this feels like its generated from a pub conversation not from a PR brainstorm.
When buying the Killing in the Name of single don't forget to also donate to shelter if you can.
The details and facebook group are here

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Frankenstein pockets

Frankenstein pockets, originally uploaded by epredator.

One of the reasons I do software related things is that I whilst I have a practical mind I do not always have the technical skills to deal with the physical.
My favourite pair of trousers had the right hand pocket wear out. This often happens as this is where my keys and change are kept all the time.
So, rather than throw them away and fork out for a new pair (whilst not very rock and roll) I cobbled together a fix.
The sewing wont win any prizes, but it will stop the steady leak of 5 pence pieces trickling down my leg.
I was trying to do this in a bit of a rush so part of the job is actually held on with gaffer tape, but thats tonights excitement to get stitching the other side.
Who knows a career in fashion may await?