Thursday, June 16, 2011

A different view of the world - the urbanized redneck

Russ is one of the guys that back in the days of being on the Wimbledon project it was (and still is) a fantastic meeting of cultures. He knows how to spin a good southern country yarn but for us brits with less hunting/gun culture it was hard to tell where the embellishments were and what was just part of a way of life. It was great when this URL got shown (thanks Ricky/Andy) around to those of us that know him. However I think it is worth a watch for anyone. It is part spoof, or is it ? Your cultural experiences and perspectives will adjust your ideas on that. I hope he gets on the show that this is an audition film for. He really should be on TV more :)
It his his description "urbanized redneck" as it is the clash of country vs city ways, farm vs corporate life that fill his real life stories

Top Shot - Gordon Russell Chapman Esquire from Russ Chapman on Vimeo.