Saturday, October 15, 2011

Forza4 epredator scooby

Forza4 epredator scooby, originally uploaded by epredator.

Stunning images get created, plus my decals got imported from forza3 :)

Amazon, Royal Mail, Forza4 delivery fail

I have been using Amazon for years, I am an Amazon prime customer too. I used to pre-order all my games and receive them on release day. This may sound petty but when they don't arrive on release day it detracts from shared gaming experience.
As I don't get buckets of free early access games from PR companies I have to rely on Amazon's service.
Recently the releases have been arriving either very late on the release day, or as on the next day's post. However this time even 2 days after dispatching my Forza4 has not arrived for the xbox.
I was particularly looking forward to winding down after the 3 days of filming Cool Stuff Collective with a driving game I really enjoy. Now the post has been and the amazon complaint has been raised I am left with a proforma "It will turn up by the 20th October" when it was posted on 13th for the friday 14th release day. There is not post on Sunday either.
That is just not good enough and I put it down to royal mail. I am paying for that expedited delivery by subscribing to prime. That is not working.
So I am off to the shops, in a huff. The forza experience is now also dented by my experience being tainted by the delivery process too. So I am going to annoyed about this for a while. I will also be annoyed as I print out my returns label and post the thing back to amazon when it finally does arrive.
Now for all those other pre-orders and major games, I guess I best cancel the amazon orders on those too! Or are they going to sort it out?
Yes its only a game, but its what I do, and timing is critical as is service.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Game of life - TV shows and Cool Stuff Collective

Game of life, originally uploaded by epredator.

We played a family game of life (not played this for years). It was very odd to land on this square, whilst not strictly true (yet who knows) it was good because The Cool Stuff Collective starts again this coming Saturday Oct 15th ITV 7:35am :)
I also landed on being a movie star and Elemming ended up as a millionaire.
Predlet 2.0 had all the children and Predlet 1.0 arrived late but still won a load of money at the end despite being in huge debt on the way around.
So we all did well. Fingers crossed for RL :)