Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Unusual Marketing - I dont like this one

Unusual Marketing, originally uploaded by epredator.

Now I am all for clever uses of ideas, but tonight I was not really with it when I opened this envelope from Southern Electric. Despite the back of the envelope having SE on it I did not realize.
On opening it you get a rather unusual "hey this is a ransom/hate mail" look from cuttings about your boiler needing fixing or else.
It made my heart skip a beat, I am not a frail old person, not do I usually miss things like this, but this was horrible.
It has an anti effect on me in that I no longer want anything from Southern Electric, and I am not sure many people would?
Given some of the odd things that have been going on around blogs and a public life this was not on in my book.
Maybe I am just over-reacting, what do you think?
Southern Electric dodgy advert