Wednesday, November 26, 2008

epredator little big planet style

Once I realized you could stick stickers on sackboy the eightbar epredator sack boy was born

Classic Rock island

Linkin Park playing, originally uploaded by epredator.

I was about to put some music on at home when I noticed the the Classic Rock island near my own islands seemed to have quite a crowd. So whilst working at home, usually having some music on, I thought I would send myslef along to the club and see what was happening. The music playing was awesome. DJ Ryleigh Shippe was selecting some awesome tunes to have on.
I enevn arrived at the time when a favourite form Guitar Hero World Tour was playing.
It is on in the background on the other machine, so i can get on with work, but still be ambiently connected to some fellow Rock fans.
Anyway, on with the work, sorting out some more speaking engagements, the future of virtual worlds, biz opportunities, but with epredator potato rocking out on the other screen and me engergized by real music.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Play by mail financial governance

In a conversation with Loudmouthman on twitter I happened to tweet this.

epredator: @loudmouthman seems international finance is a play by mail chess game, when the rest of us are instantly adjusting in an online fragfest.

It seemed worth saving, and as it turns out is pretty much the sentiment Malcom Gladwell just used on BBC interview I had on in the background. i.e. government decisions are reactive and slow paced in an environment when financial trades are instant.