Friday, January 25, 2008

Understanding art for geeks #44

Akelatal on twitter started to use a new icon of the Scream picture but with a :-o pasted on it. It turns out is part of a whole set by paulthewineguy
This is his latest, simple but brilliant.
A whole flickr set can be found here its fantastic

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fancy toy 2

Predlet 2.0 also got this french market toy from his aunty. It is a clever toy in that it uses a set of small buttons that get pressed when you place the produce in the counter. It then remembers what you have bought and when you checkout reads it out to you. Fo use it is also slightly more interesting as its speaking french. It seems to be a very well recorded and expressive voice rather than some of the more american toys we have had.

Predlet2.0's cool 1st birthday toy, like an iphone?

Today was predlet 2.0's 1st birthday and we got him this early learning centre rocket toy. Its got a load of pieces, people, aliens, buggy etc that all fit in but a really good single button action.
If the rocket is up vertically it does things differently to if it is hotizontal. A nice touch and pretty much what that iphone things does when you tilt it ;-)