Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rockband epredator and elemming

Rockband epredator and elemming, originally uploaded by epredator.

Green spikey hair is the order of the day in Rockband for epredator. Some more work is needed on the eightbar tatoo (not seen here). elemming has discovered a talent for the drums.
Our band is called "say ta" as thats what we keep saying to predlet2.0 to get him to say thankyou :-)
We rock BTW :-)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Lets rock

Rock Band at last in the UK, originally uploaded by epredator.

I got back from the family holiday and the huge rock band instruments pack had arrived. I have only had a fleeting go on it as I managed to catch some bug on holiday, all these planes and travelling take their toll in the end.
First impressions. It does indeed rock. Mrs Epred a.k.a. elemming loved the drums.
I did a bit of custom avatar work to get my green spikey hair and an eightbar tatoo. More of that later on eightbar when I catch up on this being away backlog.
I also Downloaded the oasis songs, wonderwall and rock and roll star.
So I have not played gtaIv for 3 weeks or so and now have rockband and a slighlty over committed punishing work and life schedule looming.
Still thats what 2am is for.