Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Skate 2 xbox 360 EA server connect problem solved

As bizzare at is may seem after a few rounds on the helpdesk email circuit to EA to solve the lack of online capability logging on with skate 2 on the 360.
This solved it

In order for our servers to read your GamerTag I have deleted it from your EA account. Please go into the XBOX Marketplace and download the demo for the game "Facebreaker". After downloading the demo, please open the game and begin to play the opening stages. We are doing this because the game will transfer your GamerTag information to the EA Servers.

After running the demo for a few minutes please attempt to play Skate 2. This should remedy the issue as your GamerTag will be re-applied to your EA account.

Odd solution, download and play a demo, but it worked, so not complaning, just posting here in case anyone else needs to persuade the helpdesk to do this for them.