Saturday, May 10, 2008

Two bands I realy rate ATM :- pendulum and the ting tings

Yes ok, I am getting on a bit but I am still down with the kidz. Being part of generation V means that I dont care if I am the right demographic.
Two things that have got into my head, in particular for prepping for the next few weeks travelling. In no particular order
1. Pendulum. Their new album In silico is on its way the next few days. The song Propane Nightmares is awesome. A mix of electronic and pure rock (probably has some trendy name). I did get a bit confused in that it really has the same hook as smoke on the water as this mini mashup illustrates but dont let that detract from the power of this bands work. The itunes pre-order has a preview track of the entire album. Its catchy, grnungy, a bit punk and resonates with me.
2. The Ting Tings. I was so convinced this was a completely different sort of band when I heard the first Great DJ song. I liked it, it had a hook, but now I have seen them perform, a 2 part band drummer and lead they are amazing. I had no idea they were from Manchester either. Not that that makes a difference.
I was watching The Ting Tings on the red button replays of the BBC radio 1 Big weekend. Two years ago (hear comes some linkage flow) I was at the Second Life BBC radio 1 gig for the same event. It was a formative time. Now on the same day I am sitting watching some bands and about to hit the airport for an award trip to Phoenix as a result of me bringin my company to Second Life and virtual worlds and looking for new music for my ipod.
Of extra interest was that the Ting Tings website says that they are playing habbo hotel on monday! They also have bebo, myspace and facebook presences. It seems its not just their music that I am dran to but their choice of how to reach their audience. Maybe I will get to see them live, though its unlikely as its hard with kids to go to gigs.
Anyway, I am looking forward to both albums immensely!
The power and passion that the two of them put in to deliver some awesome sounds it brilliant. Driving live drum and a haunting and passionate lead singer.

Bronze for public transport !

Bronze for public transport !, originally uploaded by epredator.

Odd that I rarely use public transport (cue a jeremy clarkson style rant) however in liberty city in GTA IV my profile is showing I have achieved a mini goal in the meta game of marathon.
(Drive 4,000 miles, walk 400 etc)

Attention to detail GTA IV splat

GTAIV splat, originally uploaded by epredator.

Admist all the bullet holes, dented fenders and blown tyres in GTA IV there are still some details that I think are pretty cool. Even after getting about 50% through and loads of hours/days of play I noticed last night a lttle splat on the side of my car. As it slid around a corner I had caught a stander by, but I though they just bounced off. No it turns out they left a slight mark on my side panel.
Brilliant, if not a little gory.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Saucepan head GTA IV

Saucepan head GTA IV, originally uploaded by epredator.

The title says it all really. There are some people in liberty city who have an interesting choice in headgear. In this case a saucepan.