Saturday, July 07, 2007

Breakfast @ wimbledon

Breakfast @ wimbledon, originally uploaded by epredator.

Well about the only perk of being at Wimbledon working is the breakfast.
Apart from the free strawberies, champagne, constant waiter service and personal assistants running around sorting everything.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Wimbledon darth vader vibe part ii

We were going to recreate the vader scene live in the canteen. I had to cut it short as my star here decided to swear too much.

However, and for those of you who have heard the izzard sketch, I nearly dropped my tray of breakfest when the guy behind me was talked to by the chef as he said "hello jeff".
Its all linked I tell you !
Made even funnier by Andy, who is known as chubby finding these on fire box

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Wimbledon Darth Vader vibe

Every year at wimbedon we sit in the bunker giving tours to people and this year hanging around on IBM 7 in SL talking to loads of people.
The mix of adrenalin, boredom and stress all in one for 14 days solid creates a massive team bond. This year is no exception.
This time its darth vader. After the "dont you know who I am" and the fact we eat in a canteen where every morning we do the "this trays wet, this ones wet" etc. We also stand in a queue and quote "jeff vader" and "I can kill you with a thought"
Rob who works with Jay doing loads of the photo editing and manipulaiton for the site said go and find vader and python on youtube. So we did. I know its been around a while but when something fits into a teams train of thought its even funnier.
We will always have vader.