Saturday, September 29, 2007

oops damage

oops damage, originally uploaded by epredator.

Needless to say, this n00b/me did nto survive this encouter for very long. However, if I take one of them with my I really dont care. Its a different philosphy on combat. Respawning brings that out of course.
The great thing is the realy nicve style of the replays, the trails from the sniper rifles and the cool smoke.
This is a moment in time, and one of many memorable ones.

Double Kill

angle, originally uploaded by epredator.

My first Halo 3 double kill in multiplayer. The richochet off the wall was an accident, but what attention to detail. is obviously creaking a bit under the pressure as this photo took 2 dyas to go live on the site. With this much attention you do have to have respect that the sire is even up.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Halo 3 - its here and its popular

Halo 3, originally uploaded by epredator.

Halo 3 on the 360 has landed. It is really very good. Smooth, entertaining and just plain clever.
Yes the gameplay is move and shoot, but it has some stylish movie editing and photo stuff. It is also linked to a decent website and lots of extras.
I played online a little, mostly it was the single player campaign tonight. I was very happy that my very first encounter online in basic training led to a kill.Its a mini moral booster, but I soon had that beaten out of me.
I tried to be a little bit eightbar :-)
Eightbar master chief

Halo 3

So I have to say its good to have Halo back and all next gen.
Nice one bungie.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The art of evangelism

I was just on a web ex conference listening to Guy Kawasaki talk about the art of evangelism. It was good to hear things packages up in 11 little rules.
I think these are all cornerstones of what I do :-) However its good to hear a fellow evangelist, with an awesome track record, speak and present.
1. Make meaning
2. Make a mantra (not a mission statement)
3. Roll the DICEE (An acronymy around depth and elegance and innovation)
4. Niche Thyself
5. Let a hundred flowers blossom (Dont assume non target audience is not interested)
6. Make it personal
7. Find the true influencers (seldom the big hitters at the top)
8. Enable test drives
9. look for agnostics, not atheists
10. provide a slippery slope - make it easy and obvious to get ivolved
11. Dont let the bozo's grind you down

The bozo's part is interesting as he told a story about him making the wrong assumption and thereby mot accepting an interview as CEO of yahoo at startup.

All in all the recipe sounded very familiar, and comforting. I am not sure if they make the recording public, I suspect not as they also hid us all from one another on the participant list. A bit silly in a web 2.0 world, but there you go.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Roo's watch under a microscope

Roo's watch, originally uploaded by epredator.

Also at intech Roo pointed a microscopic macro camera at his watch, this is the screen image we saw.
I also tried a video as we were able to see the hour hand move fractionally.
There were lots of other things at intech but it was a flying visit really.

epredator in predator vision

24092007541, originally uploaded by epredator.

I snapped this today on a visit to intech the local schools science park. They have lots of machines and cool toys. Thats me and the n95 on the right taking a picture of me in heat map form :-)