Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ash hamster

Ash hamster, originally uploaded by epredator.

One of the unreported victims of the Icelandic volcano ash and its affects on international flights to and from the UK and around Europe is that we have a visitor for a while longer at our house.
Pippin was originally visiting for a week whilst his family went on holiday, but of course they are still there.
Of course it is very handy to be able to take photos, pop them on flickr where they filter down via friendfeed into facebook where Pippin's family get to see that he is ok.
A slight change for him today as he needed some new food from our local pet shop (we don't usually have pets so that was a new experience) and new bedding sawdust and tissue paper.
He seems happy enough though I am sure he misses his real owners.
#ashtag #ashhamster