Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More book thanks:- brushing print shoulder with fame

More book thanks close to fame, originally uploaded by epredator.

A former colleague Walter Hehl in switzerland has written a book on technology futures. I had a nice list in this post of books where I get a mention or had some hand in, this is now another one. The book has some pictures I had done of Wimbledon 06 and Walter, and many of the Zurich crew had dived headlong into Second Life and virtual worlds with us in eightbar.
The cool thing about this thanks page is the company I am sandwiched between. Grady Booch, Oliver Goh, Me and Ray Kurzweil.
It gave me a real kick seeing this today.

My CV as a Tag Cloud - CV 2.0 ?

A colleague at IBM found another colleague at IBM's side project website. A tag cloud generator, and decided to pop their CV through it. It gave some really great results so I gave it a go too on
The results are very impressive, and quite an interesting way to represent who you are and what you do.
My full public CV is linked on the right of this post, it was the source for this.
If may be an interesting way to look at what people have written and decide if they fit in a role that you have or compare tag clouds of jobs versus people.
cv2008 Tag Cloud
I suspect there are not that many tag cloud position descriptions that would match with this one though (he said modestly)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Radio control car with motion tracking headset - Awesome

On the gadget show last night they had this awesome radio controlled car. An in car camera, but one that responds to your head movements and tracks what you want to look at. It projects the incar view to you on a visor headset. Fantastic stuff.