Friday, April 11, 2008

I am loving this - music mashup and chain of discovery - The Anomalies

Whilst in the rock and roll metaverse meetup in the NY lower east side I got chatting with "Eric Reuters". We had not met in real life. As part of the old fashioned way we swapped cards and then emails.
Eric put me on to this awesome video on youtube. A brilliant mashup of rap over the top of a complete version of the predator movie in 6 minutes. It is both very clever and took a lot of time and effort to do.
I appreciate this on several levels. The first is a while back I ws trying to boil films down to the key scenes for a range of t-shirts called "under the influence" the closest I got to doing this was a montage that I use as a backdrop on twitter.
Secondly is the predator movie :-)
Thirdly, it was from a contact in Second Life and we were meeting in RL in the middle of a party scene of fellow metarati.
Fourth I was berated a little by DJ Astrud Sand for my music list as there was nothing new on it (partially because I had not been scrobbling much and the fact I had a mix up on accounts so I am vepredator on there. It turns out that this video was created by the members of a new band called The Anomalies.
I popped over to their myspace page and I must say I liked what I heard, so I will scrobble that when I get to my home machine and feedback into the loop of conversation from the lower east side party.
So in one fell swoop this has covered Second Life,real life New York,, web2.0, web1.0, UK bands, Predator, mashups,youtube, myspace, itunes, rock and roll parties and serendipity.
That's exciting I think.
Anyway here is the video, listen how the lines rhyme from the rap to the parts of the film and the great line "so he set of a bomb, cos they don't like losing where the predator comes from"

They also have a website in an old fashioned way :-)

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