Saturday, September 08, 2007

A bizzare coincidence with me and Linden?

I was zooming around google maps on my n95 and doing the usual thing of places I have lived. I zoomed in on where I was born ( a home birth ) 40 years ago.
I was born on Briar Avenue. Not more than 70 metres away and opposite Linden Tree Gardens. Now I had forgotten this, I used to play on sycamore and oak, but Linden was a cul de sac.
Was it this that made me think Second Life felt comfortable given its by Linden Labs?
I live my live with things all connecting in a nice flow of various strands, its all connected, but this was a bit of an OMG moment :-)

eightbar f430 and lancia stratos

eightbarf430, originally uploaded by epredator.

A customer epredator/8bar f 430 like the one I got to drive last weekend on my 40th :-)

Also here is a video of the stratos in action

Well I am web 2.0 compatible

07092007516, originally uploaded by epredator.

Andy Piper got me this bagde that he got in a long tail way from

Friday, September 07, 2007

Attitudes and knowledge of what is going on

I grew up watching non the nine o'clock news, and this sketch (a little bit saucy) is less of a comment on the legal system and more of people not knowing things that you would expect them to know due to popular culture.
Fill in anything here, blogs, wikis, virtual worlds, games, ipods, gps the list goes on. Just goes to show nothing changes :-)

Monday, September 03, 2007

40th birthday epredator cake

40th birthday epredator cake, originally uploaded by epredator.

I got a fantastic second life avatar cake too :-) it was not a potato cake BTW :-)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

This is what happens when others drive your cars

qcumbercrash3, originally uploaded by epredator.

At the post 40th party we have spent the day on the excellant Forza 2 360 game I got a one of my many pressies (thanks lisa and malcom :-)
So the 360 has been on all day, with time trials, multiplayer and generally kaning the arcade part of the game.
Needless to say the precision driving one comes to expect from us old gamers sometimes goes a bit awry.
Colin (a.k.a qcumber) managed to launch the porsche cayman (same model as I drove the other day)
Forza lets you stop and take photos, upload them, and then of course I flickred them too so I could blog the event.
Marvelous stuff really :-)
Anyway Forza 2 Rawks as they/we say. Very solid driving game and the career elements are going fun too.
The custom paint jobs people are doing are amazing too, so i put in a bid on a auction to use game credits to buy a spongebob VW beetle. :-)