Monday, September 10, 2007

Slipping release dates for games (all of them)

I got yet another email from Amazon today saying that one of preordered games was now going to be later than the original date.
Preordering is great, but it does mean you notice more when an item slips, namely because Amazon are great and tell you :-)
Grand theft auto iv slipped to next year, Assassins Creed by a few months, Spore into 2008 the only one left on the list is the mighty Halo 3. It may be that bungie and the launch parties that scoble was bloggin about, may actually hit this date (though of course it was supposed be a long while ago as I remember).
Some of this may be to whip up demand amongst us gamers that like the new and the shiny, or to maximize those christmas profits, or post christmas blues when people buy games.
Either way its a pain, but not as big a pain as wandering into a shop like Game, seeing the box on the shelf, walking over to pick it up and then noticing the damn sticker saying "coming soon - preorder now". If I wanted to preorder I do it on the web!
I am a techie, and I know deadlines slip, development is an art form and fills the time available. However, why not just have a realistic date, I end up "seasonally adjusting" every date I see, but that should not be my job :-)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

If you cant get your N95 in mass storage mode and use Shozu read this

I was getting a bit annoyed trying to add some maps to my n95, it refused to let me go into "mass storage mode" as it was already being used by another application.
Holding down the applications button only showed standy as being active.
However..... I found this.

"However there is a workaround. If you launch ShoZu, then hold down the application button (the little dot-square-swoosh button to the left of the central button), you'll see a list of running applications. Find ShoZu in this list and press the 'C' button and agree to exit ShoZu. You should now be able to use the USB mass storage"

So you have to start Shozu, and close it in this way not just exit or it lock the memory. A bit of a pain, but now I know its not so bad a work around