Saturday, May 12, 2007

So what do I have to do then?

I am stressed!
Much of my current stressed state of mine will have been caused in my head by the bizzare way work has turned out.
The whole metaverse thing is really taking off and the more people that see me do my thing and see me enthuse, the more people who want my time, success is a great thing :-)
As I am ranting.....

We have ordered a car from Honda, from Alan Day in Portsmouth. They have been completely ignoring calls and not returning them for weeks. I had to go down than with baby in tow today just to be face to face with them. The salesman even tried lying to me there and then. Appaling customer service. "Oh we didnt want to call back as the news was not good as the date had slipped" WHAT !!!! Selling cars and dealing with car customers IS their business.
Secondly wandering around trying to get hold of a Nokia USB charger for the n95. It does not charge from teh USB data cable, that is ratehr silly. Equally 10 mobile phone shops full of accessories and "experts" had no idea why I would want to charge my phone from my computer. Still Amazon have one so there is a bright point to finish on.