Saturday, June 30, 2007

Being internet famous

As epredator potato and epredator on lots of other systems all the work with IBM, Eightbar and Wimbledon has brought a lot of press and little bit of internet fame. I even sumbitted my google hits for epredator and IBM into part of the horrible career perfomance stuff we have to go through. I am not sure if it counts as evidence.
However, having sat here in Wimbledon in the bunker giving tours in Second Life on IBM 7 Wimbledon and in Real Life I just had a funny experience during the rain delay.
One of the guests very kindly was so happy to hear my enthusiastic pitch, and had heard of me they wanted to take a photo :-)
Anyway, I am internet famous(ish) not sure what to do with that. Maybe I will get paid more or something one day.
*Update* - Tour just now "Have you heard of Second Life", "yes I read it in the times today, oh- it was you I read about!"