Friday, May 04, 2007

Perplexity is back and better than ever

Way back in January 2006 I blogged on eightbar about perplexcity, then here.
Recently we have bumped into the mindcandy guys at various events and it is great that season two is on its way, or even started depending on where the rabbit hole is.
So now its off to do some cards and get the brain cells going.
I seem to have got some competition from fellow eightbars too.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Getting a signal

This evening we walked down a road for 15 minutes to one of the predlets pre-school, for a parents evening.
Just out of interest I sparked up the n95 to hunt for wireless networks whilst walking. I was expecting 1 or two but there were about 20. They were (apart from 1 secure) a mixture of netgear, belkin, sky and bt hubs.
Firstly, this was surprising that ther were this many, secondly we were walking a fair way from the front of the houses all set back in their gardens.
It is a pity that we can all use the networks in a open way, but still it seems that wireless is really catching on even in a sleepy coastal village.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Winchester tower of light still works

The Winchester tower of light near the cathedral still worked. Its a light sculpture that you are able to SMS a message to and things happen. A night out with Babbage Linden led to this structure. So here you see, albeit in the dark the SMS to sculpture, which was live web cast just for a laugh.
Babbage got a response SMS from the system about the sculpture 2002/2003

Sunday, April 29, 2007

More Comvu

My fascinating video, as streamed to the world on comvu gets posted to youtube too!

Streaming life from a mobile

It would appear that streaming live video is the weapon of choice for all us web 2.0+ crew.
Having recently got a Nokia 95, as I had the urge to move from a drab work account to a shiny new all singing all dancing t-mobile one, I have been playing with all the bits and pieces.
So, I now have sat nav in the car as the n95 is gps and map enabled. I have hooked up to Flickr to post images, and this blog to post comments.
I have posted to youtube a video that the phone mixed itself (is low quality as its an MMS message "muvee". This was through ShoZu thanks to peder for twittering that to me :-)
Tonight I signed up to Comvu and now have the ability to stream video from the phone to a streaming server for the viewing publics pleasure. There has been a lot of this going on on but this allows me to hit the streaming servers in a way suited to mobiles. Of course the neat thing is the n95 will use a WiFi network, such as one at home to do the streaming and not bust the fair use policy.
The video and photos can also be geotagged using the GPS device builtin. Its all easily available commercial stuff. Not overly robust, things do crash sometimes but its way easier than is used to be!
Its all very cool and interesting and just a little bit mad :-)