Friday, March 02, 2007

Blending Mickey? as Spin says?

IMGP0690, originally uploaded by epredator.

Here we have teh updated Mickey Mouse all CGI paused on a Sky + PVR whilst at the same time enjoying the original B&W mickey on Youtube on a wireless laptop.
All to show my dad what this mad world is now all about.

Stuck on the A34

IMGP0709, originally uploaded by epredator.

I tried to drive to Warwick on Wednesday. Got 50 of teh 120 miles and the a34 got shut. We did not move much for 3 hours.
This amusingly dirty lorry was near me. It made me laugh.
The other picture on Flickr after it is so I have the timestamp for the fact we had not moved very much at all.

So Twitter/Tumblr/Blogs too many?

I have been sucked into twitter and now tumblr. It is hard to know where to post what. Its very exciting to have to find some sort of filter or meta voice to go across all these.
With all teh other things, and places to be. The world certainly is not shrinking !