Saturday, September 27, 2008

12 seconds - whats the point of a metaverse evangelist?

I noticed a few people on twitter including @loudmouthman recording 12 second video clips on 12seconds. So he whizzed me an invite in to have a go.
It a quick live twitter video style. 12 seconds is an age and a blink of the eye at the same time. I usually do 1 take of things, but the fixed timing and immediate nature meant I had 3 goes instead :-)
I dont think my delivery will change the world yet, but I think I may do a few more.

Whats the point of a metaverse evangelist? on

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shopperdiscounts "scam" via interflora

A credit card event recently got me double checking my statements. I noticed a "shopper discounts" for £7.99 with a phone number by it on the statement. It turns out that I seem to have accidently opted into a montly payment scheme through using interflora to buy flowers.
The scheme does "send you emails" which probably look like spam. Having called them and complained and cancelled they are assuring me a refund, but there a few months payments on there.
How stupid to not see them on the statement, but these things happen.
Anyway, dont use interflora, dont click anything afterwards, do check you statements and do make sure the this shopperdiscounts legitimate but shady business stops.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Time to talk at VFWE08

The next big conference and expo for all things virtual world is happening in London in 2 weeks time. Its the second year of the Virtual Worlds Forum Europe
When the metarati gather there are always productive conversations and when you mix in the game companies too who knows where this will end up.
Anway, please come and talk or find me (or I will find you). Lots of things to discuss.
Last years event was very enjoyable a certain creative twist to this is very London and very Europe.
So come and see me at the expo or at the after show parties. Lots of excitement about the future to talk about.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My strengths

strengths, originally uploaded by epredator.

I recently took the strengthfinders 2.0 test, a study based on some gallup research to help people understand their strengths and take action in then. ( a close mentor and friend recommended it to me, you know who you are :) thankyou).
There are a whole stack of interesting questions in the test, some of which give some pause for thought.
The upshot though is as I would have expected. I think these describe me very well, and match who I see myself as. The first reccomendation is makes "Seek a career in which you will be given credit for and paid for your ideas, such as
marketing, advertising, journalism, design, or new product development."
Another interesting, and probably quite correct one is "Finish your thoughts and ideas before communicating them. Lacking your Ideation talents,others might not be able to "join the dots" of an interesting but incomplete idea and thus might dismiss it." which is something I have become aware of over the years. I like to strike a balance between the fully formed, obvious idea and the one that allows people to grow into it and make it their own. Anyway, I think this is a great book and test for anyone seeking to validate their values or discover them. I am just at the beginning of seeing what it says, but already have some insights.There are more details here you buy the book and get a code to access it, its not a free site, but the report you get is a suitably deep one.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Value of a personal brand

The last few weeks have proved very interesting in understanding perceptions of my personal brand inside various organizations and pieces of organizations. Some people say oh wow its you and you do that stuff, thats very valuable, we love it. Others say "meh" its not all that. The balance of great versus not so great is hardly a balance, its a 98% vote for me being president, versus a 2% get out of my face you are not all that. The odd thing is the distribution of that, and in a connected world the slew of influence that has over so many things.
Anyway, I am still busy enjoying the epredator and eightbar brand. Those that don't have had an impact on me and I am sure they feel wonderfully clever. I am nothing if not open, and openness is scary to many people. Oh whats he going to say now?
I know that some of the things I could say and could do might have a wonderful revenge quality, but in the long run its better to forgive and move on. Sh*t happens its would appear. No I have not got religion as such, still a metaverse evangelist, but I do live by a code of honour.
Enough of all that here is a brilliant article and film from Sky, featuring me and me for IBM's 50th celebration.
What I do for companies seems to generate press interest, and customer interest, maybe more so than a press advert. It is a bit unusual to be a walking personalized advert but maybe that is what evangelism is in the end. Just still hard to prove the value isnt it :) Of course the evangelist and strategist curse is, once you let people know what they need to do, they cant remember why they needed you in the first place.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Predator in bolts

Which one is the Monster?, originally uploaded by elemming68.

During elemmings birthday trip to London we found this in the basement of Selfridges. It's made if iron. It was a tad pricey, but maybe one day we can get one like it for the garden as it was stunning