Thursday, January 08, 2009

Cloning me in OpenSim

Cloning me in OpenSim, originally uploaded by epredator.

There are times when there are just not enough of one person. I seem to have ended up with the start of an organic 3d print/rapid fabrication demo of cloning on an OpenSim in a galaxy far far away.
Watch this space. Stickers Stickers, originally uploaded by epredator.

My new batch of stickers arrived this morning. Whilst I may not be going to quite as many conferences this year, I tend to augment any id badge I am given with an epredator sticker. My previous set had QR codes too, but this time I decided to use a couple of other shots. One is my epredator Mii and the other is a Bio shot in Second Life at Wimbledon. The main sticker on the right is the same with an SL, RL and 3d Printed me. I like to show a good range :)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Marmite and Metaverse: a theory

I am willing to be proven wrong on this but.

This is after Josh of DancingInk Productions put this photo of marmite on Flickr, both Reuben of Millions of us and Virtual Greats and myself of eigthbar both commented on liking Marmite.
A small sample I agree, but could it be true?
*Of course a type in the Claim /whole/who but too ahrd to change it, you know what I mean.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Times are tough - Duck

IMG_3117, originally uploaded by epredator.

I had a rather interesting google alert ping up on epredator this morning. Usually its all virtual world stuff, press articles, comments, twitters etc, but this time it was a very nice photo credit for this image.
It was an article about starting a mini farm business in your back garden. Thats not so bizarre as I have been talking about all sorts of startups recently, and people kicking the trend with passionate small projects that also have a positive impact on the community. So props to the blog for doing this.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Ok I dont like this! Civil Liberty does not mean hacking my machines

I saw a tweet about this time article linked from the open rights group reference. I tend to avoid too much political comment, but seriously do we really think that its a good idea to just have police hacking out our computers without a warrant.
I am no legal eadle but I am a libertarian. Yes a complex issue but.... its a slippery slope, along with id cards, genetic databases of kids etc. We have seen enought sci-fi that has come true technology wise, so it is the same with over control with machines checking up on us.
I dont think I will be putting foil on my head just yet, but will the control freaks please calm down, its actually more risky to apply this technology, to gather this information. At the drop of a memory stick its all in the "real wrong" hands.