Friday, June 01, 2007

More Perplexcity addicts

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Jan's cousin Colin came to visit the last few days. Last year we had all spent an evening without the games consoles on whilst we showed him the season 1 perplexcity cards.
So now season 2 is here, and so we got him going on a new set of cards from Mindcandy.
He got quite a few silvers in his set of cards.
we also got talking about what he had heard happened at the Radio 1 big weekend, which is all part of some things talked about in the ARG part of perplexcity.
The big weekend last year was a watershed when Rivers Run Red ran the woodstock of the virtual world with the live event in Second Life.
Also perplexcity is using twitter now aswell :-)
Mark Wallace over at 3pointd has also made some references to perplexcity and ARG's
Now I really must get on and solve some cards, I just need this crazy personal appearance roller coaster to stop


Anonymous said...

Well Roo has got me into this crazy thing now, too. Mind you, I'm very bad at puzzles in general. I haven't yet managed to solve any about the 50s mark in the series!

Looking at the site though it seems like the whole thing is dead now? Or is that a clever ARG ruse?

epredator said...

The ARG is on ice apparently. The cards are still flowing