Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Carphone warehouse customer service?

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I bought my n95 from the carphone warehouse sveral weeks ago. As part of the deal I was to get 3 years of the navigation service. I did not have anything through after a few weeks so went to ask. I got told that everyone was waiting and I shoudl just sit tight. Whilst waiting i did get a call from "customer service" threatening to mug me in order to prove I needed the insurance, but they were not about to explain about my sat nav voucher.
Today though this arrived. A personalized brochure with all sorts of things printed on it. Its all very good and very nice, even moderately well done. I am not sure though that that makes up for the months delay? If they had just mailed me a licenced number first and then sent the pretty leaflet that would have been better?
Also I must remember to rotate the clip from teh case out of the way of the lens doh!

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