Saturday, January 05, 2008

I object! Stupid idea that gravel pit

It seems that they have all gone mad down here on the south coast quite close to the lair.
First there was the story on boingboing about the grandparents being thrown out of Fareham shopping centre for using a camera to photo their grandkids, branding them terrorists.
Now some mad planner wants to dig up a huge area of the countryside and coast near some very important nature reserves to get some gravel. 70 football pitches worth and where I cycled nearly every day along the solent way in my fit years. Yes I used to workout every day for about 4 years. It's somewhere I am planning to return to when I get the bike oiled.

So we are all objecting via email, very advanced for the council.

So if anyone else wants to object, it here is the email and the wording we used.
Someone has set up a site too
This is the link to the campaign website....

This is the link to the hampshire county council site on this subject....
Objection to Hampshire Minerals Plan - Bromwich & Chilling Farms
I would like to voice my objection to the inclusion of the Bromwich & Chilling Farms site into this plan, as any possible consideration of mineral extraction and landfill would severally impact a lovely coastal area and local vibrant village life.

My objection is on several fronts:

the ecology of the area and the impact on wildlife, both in the area itself plus the neighbouring areas such as Warsash Nature Reserve.
the impact on the local road system and infrastructure. Junction 9 of the M27 is already over-crowded with it taking around 20 minutes to leave the motorway - a distance of less than 1 mile. The additional traffic from this on top of significant new houses will make the area untenable to live in.
Pollution - the additional traffic, plus the actual extraction will impact the locality in terms of noise, fumes, and dust.
Impact on the sea front - sea defences are important to protect the local areas and this proposal will put additional pressure on the coastline.
The proposed area also encompasses the solent way - which is regularly used by walkers - are we expecting them to walk thru a quarry?
All of the above are likely to effect the house prices and the desirability of what is currently a lovely place to live.

Please do not proceed with this proposal and destroy a valuable habitat and coastal area.

Power to the people!


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