Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Wimbledon Darth Vader vibe

Every year at wimbedon we sit in the bunker giving tours to people and this year hanging around on IBM 7 in SL talking to loads of people.
The mix of adrenalin, boredom and stress all in one for 14 days solid creates a massive team bond. This year is no exception.
This time its darth vader. After the "dont you know who I am" and the fact we eat in a canteen where every morning we do the "this trays wet, this ones wet" etc. We also stand in a queue and quote "jeff vader" and "I can kill you with a thought"
Rob who works with Jay doing loads of the photo editing and manipulaiton for the site said go and find vader and python on youtube. So we did. I know its been around a while but when something fits into a teams train of thought its even funnier.
We will always have vader.

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