Saturday, June 30, 2007

Being internet famous

As epredator potato and epredator on lots of other systems all the work with IBM, Eightbar and Wimbledon has brought a lot of press and little bit of internet fame. I even sumbitted my google hits for epredator and IBM into part of the horrible career perfomance stuff we have to go through. I am not sure if it counts as evidence.
However, having sat here in Wimbledon in the bunker giving tours in Second Life on IBM 7 Wimbledon and in Real Life I just had a funny experience during the rain delay.
One of the guests very kindly was so happy to hear my enthusiastic pitch, and had heard of me they wanted to take a photo :-)
Anyway, I am internet famous(ish) not sure what to do with that. Maybe I will get paid more or something one day.
*Update* - Tour just now "Have you heard of Second Life", "yes I read it in the times today, oh- it was you I read about!"


Mark Wallace said...

No you don't get paid more, it just means there are a lot more unpaid demands on your time. Then at some point you layer even more work atop that as you try to leverage those opportunities into being paid more. Eventually, you start being paid more, but only after you realize that all your Internet fame has brought you is the opportunity to work harder than you ever have before. Which, in the end, turns out to be the most fun, so it's all good, and we, the vaguely Internet famous (we don't even compare to the likes of Scoble, and he's still really only Internet famous, not actually famous), we can count ourselves lucky we even found ourselves in this odd crook of the universe in the first place.

epredator said...

indeed that does seem to be the case. I am looking forward to the "Eventually, you start being paid more". Rather than the actual opposite

Timbo said...

He's a deep one, that Mark Wallace.