Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh yes Housing chains!

Well, after a few weeks of being back on the market it looks like our original buyers are back. So the pause button can now be toggled back to play and we can get the whole thing going again.
It seems we have a complete chain now, and a much shorter one. I am hoping no-one is going to go mad and try and do this before christmas!
Conveyancing takes a while with all the searches and supplemental questions that need answering. Have you ever let a UFO land in your back garden? Are your walls made of reindeer antlers etc.
Still, lets keep our fingers crossed that we can start the new year with not too much paperwork, and a nice simple move :)
As I am typing this I looked out of the office window to see the Sold STC sign go up too :0
It's all yin and yang of course. But fingers are crossed.

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