Saturday, September 12, 2009

Winkles Wedding

Winkles Wedding, originally uploaded by epredator.

It's not all hi tech gaming in our house you know.
I have always been interested in board games of all types too. This is a game called Winkles Wedding, a christmas favourite when I was a kid as it belonged to my grandparents. I have no idea how old the game is. Though its more of an experience than a game.
Someone reads out the story and you turn over a card with an amusing word on it that fills in the gap.
I love the cards and the font and have fond memories of it.
A quick google found very little though board game geek indicates this was published in 1920.
Anyone else remember this?


Kevin Aires said...

I remember this! I used to play it at my granny's house. The version she had was even older I think. Great fun. :)

Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

This must be a UK game - I have never seen it. I love board games and I think they have been neglected too long (although, recently the sales of such games in States has increased, most likely due to the economic conditions).

Epred, do they sell a version of this game new or is it out of print?

grimble said...

I have been searching for this for ages! We too would play this at the Grandparents house at Christmas. We have since revived the family get togethers at my house, and I am dying to get hold of this game, or at least the script and words so I can make my own version!

steph said...

Two years late, but--me too. All I can remember of the story is that it began: "After many vicissitudes..."

Ours had yellowed cards with plain type on them, no graphics. It was part of an Edwardian games compendium. And yes, I'd love to see it again too--I was kind of hoping someone might have put the story script online by now, if not the (sometimes very strange) card words.

Stuck with Consequences now. Oh well. said...

I also played this as a kid in the 40s and 50s. We still have it along with anothert similar game called The Pepper Family. The box is long gone but the little book and the cards we still have. Great fun

RichM said...

There are at least 2 versions of the game - same story but a different set of cards. The older is from the 1920's / 1930's with small yellow cards and the more recent is from the 1960's (I think) as pictured. The story sounds like it is Victorian or Edwardian as all the vehicles are horse-drawn including a horse-drawn charabanc.