Sunday, March 08, 2009

Fitness beckons

Fitness beckons, originally uploaded by epredator.

Way back as I was turning 30 I went somewhat mad on the exercise front. As a kid I was not a "jock" to use the US parlance but I did enjoy sports. I never wanted to be 1st team, but somehow that would occasionally happen.
I ended up playing a lot of squash when I was a mid teen too. Again a moderate obsession.
When I went to poly/uni in Leicester I used to walk most places to save money for partying so was quite thin it has to be said.
Once I started work in 1990 though it was a downhill slide. There was no room for working out.
However when I was talked into going skiing and realized I was totally unfit round 1995 I decided to workout. I knew gym membership was a no hoper. Too many people buy and leave that. So I set about a very Rocky like routine, hand weights mixed with cycling off road.
From 95 to mid 98 I did this every day 5 days a week and got pretty strong and bulked up, not quite arnie, but it felt pretty good.
Once the web hit me and the insane hours of corporate life in a growing area I just stopped. Only the odd bike ride.
Then came the kids and then the insanity that has been late night round the clock metaverse evangelizing.
The upshot is that I got pretty unfit. I was also quite stressed to chicken and egg means it hard to motivate for working out when all your energy and very being is dedicated to a cause,
Anyway, with my new found energy, whilst heavily focused on the multiple strands of getting < a href="">feeding edge going we ended up going out on a family bike ride. I had predlet 2.0 on the back and whilst it was only a 40 minute one we had some mud and hills to contend with.
This combined with some brisk walks I have taken to get planning on things away from the computer is getting me re acquainted with physical fitness.
I am sure my heart monitor will be back out again soon to make sure I am in the optimum rates for fat burn and fitness. I feel the obsession coming back again.
As a recent study said it was never too late, there may be hope for my lethargic corporeal form after all.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to lay off the Maccy-D's too!

epredator said...

Like we can afford such luxuries at the moment :)

Anonymous said...

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