Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Marmite and Metaverse: a theory

I am willing to be proven wrong on this but.

This is after Josh of DancingInk Productions put this photo of marmite on Flickr, both Reuben of Millions of us and Virtual Greats and myself of eigthbar both commented on liking Marmite.
A small sample I agree, but could it be true?
*Of course a type in the Claim /whole/who but too ahrd to change it, you know what I mean.


Unlisted said...

I found it particularly good on an "English" muffin with a champagne chaser. But that's just me.

epredator said...

I did suggest blue nun, black tower or watneys red barrel for that old fashoined taste of the seventies (when I discovered I liked marmite)

Anonymous said...

I also discovered Marmite in the Seventies -- here's a bigger question though: is the % of the overall population that likes Marmite larger or smaller than the % that like virtual worlds?

epredator said...

The thing is with marmite, people dont question its invention or use. They can appreciate for some people marmite is a good thing without having to shoot it down in flames.
There is no corporate guidelines that cover the use of marmite socially or at work.
If though the % of marmite lovers > % virtual world appreciators then clearly us evangelists should target our fellow marmite lovers?

Anonymous said...

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