Monday, April 28, 2008

We7 regional lockout

I was happy to see that seems to have started to break some of the insane restrictive practice of many of the record companies. Having a mix of buy the track or get the track for free plus an advert, in non DRM mp3 format makes sense to me. Downloading tracks is a bit like radio but with choice. Even the non somercial radios spend a while advertizing their gigs and shows.
The minor problem (that they do admit) is the stupid things of "this song is not avaulable in you region). The restrictive practice plagues the games industry. Trying to force some element of zoning on the world to maximize a fake revenue stream at the expense of the customer. When product was physical and had to be manufactured and shipped it made sense that there was a limit to how many units of x, y or z you could deliver. In the long tail of digital content it makes no difference. All it does is annoy customers (in a bad way not a generation of demand way).
If I was an artists I woudl be saying, hell no just let anyone buy my stuff wherever they are.
Still I am sure the powers that be have a much better handle on this than me.
I hope we7 are succesful as they (backed by peter garbriel) seem to be on the side of the conten creators, the artists. They are the ones I want to pay, and I am happy to pay for good stuff.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the write up. There are many unfortunate restrictions in the Music world and its a bit like navigating through a minefield and so we can’t avoid the regional restrictions at present, but hopefully that’s something we can work on over time.

The good news is the record companies are becoming much more open and in th elast 12 months conversations and actions have become increasingly positive.

We are on the side of paying artists and giving consumers the choice to receive what they want, where and how they get it – the industry’s moving the right way, so thanks for your support!.

Steve Purdham – CEO – We7

epredator said...

Steve thanks for the comment :-) I am all for openness and I am glad that We7 is pushing that envelope and more importantly you are getting somewhere with it.
Artists getting paid for their work is so important. Whilst there are the freemium aspects to business there is some point where people should get recognized in the right way.
The model of being open to change and alterations in distribution and creation is impacting many industries. Its a challenge, but the right answers will win in the end its open source thinking in action.

Anonymous said...

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