Saturday, January 20, 2007

False alarms on the increase plus more Eve talk

We have had a few predlet false alarms. The egg is still being sat on though. The latest was 3/4 hours worth at 5am. Jan was not phased by it and did not bother to try and wake me up. However its progress. It will obviously have to happen eventually!
Many things in life are plannable, start dates, exams, meetings, weekends etc. Organic things like this though are just that in their timing.
I have been filling time with both lots of work around Second Life (obviously) at all times of the day and night and with Eve online.
Eve, and most MMO's and RPG's are great becuase you can spend a lot of time travelling and not really doing much. Tinkering, upgrading approach as mission/quest etc. This is great for relaxation though you can throw yourself into things.
The more I play Eve-online the more I am enhancing my set of anecdotes as to why Second Life worked when it did for me. Second Life has no levelling up. if you want to go and meet people it is purely social skills and time that you spend to get to know whats going on. Sure you spend a large amount of time attending things, or learning to build things but it dos not require you to have spent several weeks training skills to allow you to do a certain thing.
I need to write a proper piece on this with some more analysis of the quantifiable differences, but I have skills to train and a new ship to buy.
So come on baby Linden, save me from this addiction.

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