Friday, December 14, 2007

Skate me

Skate me, originally uploaded by epredator.

Well it sort of looks like me. It is strange in some of these games now like Skate I go for a near me image, unlike the virtual worlds where I go for a predator look or my green spikey.
It may be to do with the context of the game. As a would be skater (I was never very good and the kit when I was a kid was appalling) I may be attempting to relive something. The nearly me look, slightly overweight but not as much seems to add to the sense of who I am in this environment.
It is akin to the differing tones of persona that I use when blogging here, inside work or on eightbar. All still me, but I am confronted with choices and shades of me to enhance my experience and the experience of others.

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