Sunday, December 02, 2007

Global audience and book writing - "Who says Elephants cant Rez"

My cluster map is looking very interesting. Whilst this blog is by no means that high on the technorati scale, not close to eightbar it does still attract a readership from around the world.
Indeed I feel the urge to say "Hello World"
It is interesting which continents show up, obviously North America and Europe and to some extent Australia. The main bulk of Asia is a bit weak on hits.
Of course stats can be misleading, but it does make you think just how many places and people you can reach with a humble blog.
Ten years ago this just would not have been the case without writing a book or being on TV.
On the subject of books I really must write one/some about my experiences. I think there are a lot of lessons to be learned. Of course I have no idea where to start to suggestions/offers etc. gratefully received.
The rise of eightbar, turning over the traditional approach to corporate life with web2.0
I even have a title in mind "Who says Elephants cant Rez" as a nod to the famous Lou Gerstener book about turning IBM around in the late 90's
Other titles
"Well you didnt have to do it did you?"
"Don't you know who I am?"
"Yes they do like like fishnets, not lets talk about this million dollar deal"
"You cant be scared of an epredator when his surname is Potato"
"Epredator:The other same side of me"
I have some more but will hold onto them or this will be the book.

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