Friday, August 03, 2007

Reason to be cheerful part 3

Having come back from holiday, and felt a bit down about things I have had the good fortune to talk to several people about recording the past 18 months acheivements and to encapsulate the good bits. This now has left me feeling extremely positive about so many things.
Taking stock and reflecting, but in a positive way of what has gone well, collecting evidence about all things metaversal, and looking at all the good people that have joined in on the way is just such a reason to be proud (in a good way)
The massive amount of positive feedback people gave me on Linkedin when I asked "please help" re-enforced and built on that positive feeling.
So, looking forward there seems to be a whole lot of things to do still, but they are all good.
Travelling around explaining the metaverse to people is but one element of that. As more people get into the concepts this becomes less needed.
However, explaining how this movement came about, how it built using the social networks and language of web 2.0 is an even more powerful story. It is a history lesson in many respects but one people can learn from regardless.
Finally there is the whats next. So many things are buzzing around, developments, ideas both from the more local eightbar community and also much wider that it is an exciting time.
Take this for example, the fact we can do Augmented reality due to the great efforts of allows us to try out some now ideas and share them too. What is not to be liked about that :-)
So.... no resting on laurels, lets get on with it :-)

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