Monday, June 11, 2007

Yet more media coverage

Ok, this is a minor virtual worlds media bit of coverage, but I was driving home at lunchtime and Edith's show on BBC radio 1 was all about virtual worlds, and a discussion. Initing people to say has it all gone too far, do we need social networking or should we just talk.
Normally I let these ones wash me by, but I heard some good discussions going on and equally the "saddo" and "no mates" and "if you have a good first life tou have no need for a second life. ha blooming ha not heard that one before.
So I pulled over, parked, took the keys out of the ignition as the law requires and texted to 81199.
Something along the lines of "Virtual worlds do not have to just be fantasy, they allow people to communicate and understand one another around the globe and that is a good thing. Ian from eightbar"
I got home, turned the main house DAB radio on and heard my comment read out :-) Jan missed it, so I hit rewind (as thats what the technology is for) and we laughed at hearing "ian from eightbar" and hopefully adding to a sensible argument.
So Radio 4(via tims book of the week) and Radio 1 via text in less than a week.
Maybe mrs serendipity is launching me to a media career :-)

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