Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More Linkin Park, I am a youth

I got an email tonight from a marketing group, the account exec for youth marketing. It was to this blog, and presumably because I had written the post about how awesome the minutes to midnight Linkin Park album was.
The note was saying "always wanted to live like a rock star?" to which I had to reply I already am :-)
Anyway the point is that this is a much more forward thinking way to market and engage with people. In the note I was sent some promo pictures and given the rights to use them on the blog. Now that is how it should be really. Rather than the sometimes overly copyrighted imagery.
For me, well it was another reader to my non ramblings, but equally it ties in with the whole declrative living elements. If I tell people what I like, then they will work out it worth to talking to me.
This is much better than pure spam, for all concerned.
So here are my fellow rock stars and here is the promotional website (ironic that I used to work in a group called blueroom in IBM, the spirit of which lives on to this day.)

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