Saturday, February 24, 2007

Two of everything but still get a bluescreen of death

My new machine, the dual core, dual SLI gfx cards and 2 Gb is actually very good. I am pleased with it. Though I cant say I have gone WOW at Vista. Yes its nice, but the first time I put my machine into sleep mode I got a Blue Screen of Death. Maybe it knows who I work for.
So I am busy gettgin all the bits I need where I need them, recovering my itunes, setting up the media centre to talk to the 360 etc. It all takes too much time.
I got lots looking for outlook express, but it is now Windows Mail. Seemed to work teh same though not very good at getting my imported stuff from my old machine. Its great when a windows product does not recognize a windows file extension.
Still, it seems to work, its very fast and most of all both the first look and old school versions of Second Life seem to be working. VERY FAST !
I can now run FRAPS and go all machinima rather than my previous youtube movie which was a video camera pointed at the screen.

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