Thursday, February 08, 2007

Radiophonics workshop - counterpoint

As a delightful counterpoint to Benidorm there is a superb programme on " the alchemists of sound" devoted to the bbc radionphonics workshop on right now. I have a special affinity to this group of explorative sound engineers and composers. When I was a kid I was brought up on Dr Who and lots of mad science programmes. When I got to filling in a career/personality survey when I was 8 yeard old it suggested I join the radiophonics workshop. Now I have messed with editing tapes, and cine film so appreciate the benfits of digital composition and the art of the analogue.
Roo has made some tunes but I wont expose the world to my my stop start and splice tape remixes though vince clarke got one of my c=64 creations in a competition
I even wrote an academic piece on music concrete(say in a french accent) back in the day.
I also spent a good few years with a reel to reel as a kid. Which is why I love computers so much.
There is art in the digitial and in the them of Dr Who! Who is not moved by that !

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