Thursday, January 25, 2007

First pictures of Sam

I will be giving him his own blog very soon but for now here is Sophie, Mum and baby Sam.
Thankyou everyone for the kind comments and support, we are all very grateful and happy.
Time to go off the grid for a few days :-)
the family grows


Anonymous said...

EPREDLET!!!!!!!! HE'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to you and your entire family!

-Jessica :)

A Day Between said...

Congratulations! We're v. glad to hear everyone is doing well. Hugs and Kisses to everyone.
- Elizabeth and Stephen

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jan & Ian!

Handsome cute looking chappy....fortunatley not taking after his Dad ;o)

Hope you're able to get through the next few weeks with some sleep.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you all!! Does he have a plot in SL yet? ;)

Anonymous said...

He is gorgeous !! Fireman clothes soon to be donated. Hope to see you all very soon. Love Nalini, Phil and William

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo - everyone looking very happy. Well done :-)

How does one go about wetting the baby's head in SL? ;-)

Anonymous said...

awww congrats to you both, he looks sooo cute, see you all soon.xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Jan, Ian, Sophie Congratulations!
Welcome little Sam.....your beautiful.


Unknown said...

What an absolute cutie!!

Sophie looks like she'll make an excellent big sister =)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Hope to see you all soon. Love from Jill & Nickxx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you all - he's beautiful!

Ada :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all the family - a beautiful baby boy! - everyone looks very well!

Love Gill and Jon

kelly said...

congratulations! :-)

Anonymous said...

Jan, Ian, Sophie - many congratulations. Sam is gorgeous. Lots of love & enjoy your time off. Ev xx

Unknown said...

Congratulations! He's the cutest baby linden :-)
Best wishes,