Friday, February 09, 2007

Will everything stop breaking?

Just before christmas my work laptop decided it had looked at the mean time to failure and it needed to blow up. It got fixed of course but it was a bit of a pain. Now my home desktop has joined it. It is a bit old, but I usually get a decent one to last for a good few years.
The laptop failure was fairly consistent, the desktop though.... Sometimes it powers up, sometimes it does not. Sometimes it packs in half way through doing stuff.
None of the diagnostics or apps I have seem to think its a disk problem. The fact even the bios startup does not always happen makes it look like something nasty and hardware related.
So it looks like I now have a new one on the way, assuming the credit card fraud detection has not annoyed the supplier. This also means I enter the world of Vista, so I guess it had to happen at some time.
That reminds me, I am veyr annoyed at msoft using "WoW" for vista as thats nicking Wow from world of warcraft. Deliberate?
I also had the pleasure of taking my car in for some new tyres. One on each corner was needed, oh and the brakes on the front were toasted too, so an expensive day.
Still, its all my own fault, using these things so much.

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