Sunday, February 04, 2007

Superbowl in HD

I am looking forward to watching the NFL superbowl tonight. I finally get to watch it in HD, thanks to sky sports and my christmas present of an HD box:-)
I have always had an interest in American Football since way before it got coverage on Channel 4.
It used to have highlights of the superbowl on World of Sport with Dickie Davies, usually with the Steelers or the Cowboys back in those days.
I got to play it at an american school in Norfolk one afternoon when I was about 12. I did not think I was overly aggressive but someone managed to break their fingers on me.
The only pro game I have seen was the New England Patriots a few years ago in an opener against Arizona Cardinals. It was a superb sporting experience even if they stopped you buying too much beer.
I was not too sure who to support in this case but I am swung by people I know and where they live

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